Five Short Films by Columbia Alumni Will Be Featured on Film School Shorts

January 23, 2017

Five short films by Columbia alumni will be featured in the coming months on the KQED program Film School Shorts, a national, weekly series that showcases short films from across the country.
Upcoming films by Columbia students are:
Total Freak by Andrew Ellmaker '14 playing on January 29. Episode 402, “America”
According to KQED, the film is about a boy, Lee who “develops an insatiable crush on the camp’s mean girl Annie, and he’ll do anything to win her affection. Annie is more interested in maintaining her reign of terror over the camp. Her next victim? The camp’s mysterious loner, Burger Boy. Nobody knows where he came from. They only know he only eats hamburgers. And he NEVER gets in the water.”
Socks & Bonds by Daniel Zimbler '13 playing on February 12. Episode 404, “Daily Grind”
“After obtaining exclusive rights for a state-of-the-art antimicrobial thread that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, all Max needs is a wealthy investor for his new sock fabric. In a show of support, his girlfriend Marcy takes them to the Hamptons for a friendly dinner with Hank, her wealthy ex-boyfriend. But as the night goes on, it’s clear that Max isn’t the only one there with an ulterior motive.”
Butterfingers by Milan Roganovic  '17 playing on February 12. Episode 404, “Daily Grind”
“When a man returns home after a long work day, he’s eager to vent his frustrations to his wife. He keeps talking, and talking, and talking! Fortunately, she knows how to handle him.”
Léa  by Connor Simpson '19 playing on February 19. Episode 405, “Aspirations”
“Aspiring actress Léa struggles to make a name for herself in New York City while working a dead-end day job at a Queens bowling alley. Despite the death of her fish, the cold shoulder from her boyfriend, an embarrassing encounter with an old acquaintance, and a boss who thinks her performances are less than convincing, she’s convinced that today’s audition will make or break her career. When she finally gets in front of the director, will Léa choke? Or will she land the part of a lifetime?”
Busted on Brigham Lane by Talibah Newman '13 playing on March 5. Episode 409, “Behind Closed Doors”
“When Momo spots her estranged father on the subway, she’s determined to reconcile their relationship in time for her 18th birthday party, despite her sister’s misgivings. Will the family be able to reconnect, or will Pop let Momo down once again?”

Based in northern California, KQED is one of the nation’s most popular public television and radio stations. It shows more independent films than any other U.S. public broadcasting station. In New York, Film School Shorts will play onWLIW Channel 21.