Film Program graduate Shrihari Sathe Feature Premieres at New York's Village East Cinema

October 21, 2016

Columbia University School of the Arts Film Program graduate Shrihari Sathe’s ’09 feature debut, 1000 RUPEE NOTE (Ek Hazarachi Note), premiered on September 23 at the iconic Village East Cinema.

Based on a short story written by Shrikant Bojewar, the resident editor of Maharashtra Times1000 Rupee Note tells the storystory of a poor old woman whose modest life turns upside down when she receives money from a politician as an inducement for vote.  

The Hollywood Reporter reviewed the film last month and had this to say: “Relating a simple, elemental tale and bearing no small debt to Italian neo-realism, 1000 Rupee Note marks an impressive directorial debut for Shrihari Sathe. The moving performance by Usha Naik in the lead role accentuates the deeply humanistic qualities of this film that has received awards at numerous festivals.”

The US trailer can be viewed here. The film is now available for iTunes pre-order here, and is available internationally on iTunes here. He was also recently interviewed in Rediff Movies.

The film premiered in India in 2014 on about a 100 screens to great critical acclaim. It went on to win 30+ awards including the special jury prize and the centenary award for best film at the International Film Festival of India, the first ever win for a film in Marathi language.