Fellipe Barbosa's ('06) Debut Feature 'Casa Grande'

November 11, 2015

School of the Arts Film alumnus Fellipe Barbosa (‘06) is receiving international attention for his debut featureCasa Grande. The film tells the story of an upper-class family’s struggle to maintain appearances in the face of changing circumstances, and is in-depth look at class and social structures in Brazil.

Film Comment describes Casa Grande as “a film that lays bare the complacent class and race privilege of the Brazilian upper class without congratulating itself” and goes on to say that “the eloquent visuals, strong central performance, and empathetic humor push it to the forefront.”

The main character, Jean, is a high school-aged teenager from an affluent family in Rio who discovers that his family is deep in debt. The father, Hugo, is the manager of a hedge fund that went bust. His financial troubles force him to lay off much of their household staff, whom the family has bonded with over the years. Jean is forced to start taking the bus to school and finds himself newly exposed to peers from less affluent neighborhoods. Meanwhile, the matriarch and patriarch of the story find themselves ostrichsized from their wealthy inner circle.

The film has played at numerous festivals including Rotterdam, Sydney, Munich, Tapei, Giffoni and Melbourne. You can view the trailer for the film here, and you can read an interview with Barbosa hereCasa Grande is set to open on November 13 at Cinema Village.