Columbia Filmmakers Form a Large Presence At Sundance

December 30, 2015

Sundance will have no shortage of Columbia University filmmakers present this year. Twenty-five of the films at the festival bear the work of Columbia alumni and faculty members; their jobs on the various projects include producer, writer, director, post-supervisor, script supervisor and actor, among many others.

Among the feature films that are screening is Professor of Professional Practice James Schamus’s Indignation, which he both wrote and directed. Based on a novel by Philip Roth, Indignation tells the story of the son of a kosher butcher whose life collides with a beautiful coed at an Ohio college in 1951. Also receiving much advance attention is writer-director Elizabeth Wood’s ’13 White Girlwhich has already been compared to Kids.
Additionally, Johnny McAllister ’05 has been selected to participate in Sundance’s 2016 January Screenwriters Lab, a five-day workshop at the Sundance Resort that runs from January 15 to 20. His screenplay, Bull, which he’s co-writing with director Annie Silverstein, depicts a teenager’s volatile relationship with her neighbor in Houston.
Check out the full list of filmmakers below:

Complete Unknown
Andrew Hauser ’12: Post-Supervisor
Meera Menon ’06 CC: Director
Andrew Hauser ’12: Post-Supervisor
James Franco ’11: Producer
Andrew Neel ’01 CC: Director
Josh Fox ’95 CC: Director
Ellie Foumbi (current SOA student): Actor
James Schamus (faculty): Writer/Director
Douglas Tirola ’92: Producer
Richard Hankin ’92: Consulting Editor
Ira Sachs (faculty): Director
L.A. Teodosio ’15: Producer
Daniella Kahane ’14: Executive Producer
Jim Lande ’90 SIPA: Producer
Jaime Jisun Lee ’06 GSAS: Associate Producer
Mark Suozzo ’75 CC: Music Director
Greta Gerwig ’06 BC: Actor
Katharina Otto-Bernstein ’86 CC, ’92 SOA: Producer
Tamara Rosenberg ’06 JN: Producer
Connor Schell ’04 BU: Executive Producer
Sandi Tan ’00: Writer, Director, Producer
David Ariniello ’99 GS: Producer
Haerry Kim ’02: Actor
Carly Hugo ’06: Producer
Jeremy Kotin ’06 CC: Producer
Anna Lomakina ’14 GS: Script Supervisor
Andrew Hauser ’12: Post-Supervisor
Lodge Kerrigan ’85 CC: Director, Screenwriter, Executive Producer
Jim Strouse: Screenwriter
Gene Park ’05 GS: Sound Designer
Kevin McCormack ’08: Actor
Michael Phelan ’95 GS: Transportation Captain
Kahane Cooperman ’91: Executive Producer, Showrunner
Jack Lechner (faculty): Producer
Robert Pulcini ’94: Director
Shari Springer Berman ’95: Director
Bogdan George Apetri ’06: Associate Producer
Marilyn Ness (faculty): Producer
Nicole Holofcener ’88: Director/Screenwriter
What We Teach Girls
Bonnie Pan ’05
Elizabeth Wood ’13: Writer/Director