Columbia Alums Hit #1 with Zootopia

February 9, 2017

Disney’s latest animated feature Zootopia has pulled in nearly $900 million in box office revenue worldwide. China’s massive market made up the lion’s share of Zootopia’s box office, with France and Russia not far behind.
Writer Jennifer Lee '05, best known for her Academy Award-winning work on Frozen, teamed up with Phil Johnston '04 on Zootopia’s screenplay. The story is about a thriving animal metropolis where the first rabbit on the police force teams up with a wily fox to solve a mysterious case.
Reviews for the film have been favorable across the board, with nearly every major publication praising Zootopia’s writing for its entertaining noir elements and wry comedy that have made the animated feature appealing among both children and adults. The Washington Post writes: "The genius of Zootopia is that it works on two levels: it’s both a timely and clever examination of the prejudices endemic to society, and an entertaining, funny adventure about furry creatures."

Zootopia is now playing in theaters worldwide.