The Black List Comes to Columbia

November 12, 2015

Franklin Leonard, the founder of the famed screenwriting survey The Black List, dropped by the MFA Film Program on Tuesday, November 10 to talk to students about the state of the Hollywood screenwriter. Leonard's The Black List is the most prestigious and influential survey of unproduced screenplays in Hollywood. More than 250 Black List scripts have gone on to become produced as feature films, earning 225 Academy Award nominations and 45 wins, including three of the last seven Best Picture winners and eight of the last 16 screenwriting Oscars. 
Columbia Film alumni are no strangers to the list including: Phil Johnston ('04), Randall Green ('12), Jonathan Stewart ('12), Jake Crane ('12), Gary Graham ('05), Harry Kellerman ('07), Shane Atkinson ('12), Jack Paglen ('06), Roberto Bentivegna ('10),  Christian Magalhaes ('10), Robert Snow ('10), Chris Galletta ('10) and Graham Moore ('03 CC) whose Black List script won the 2014 Oscar for The Imitation Game.

The Black List served as the inspiration for Columbia's three-year-old The Blue List, a juried survey of the best unpublished screenplays by alumni of Columbia's MFA Film Program.