2016 Guy Gallo Memorial Award in Screenwriting Honors Columbia Undergraduate Film Major

May 3, 2016

The Film Program of Columbia University's School of the Arts is pleased to announce the winner of the annual Guy Gallo Memorial Award in Screenwriting: C. Craig Patterson's script, The Other Boys of Summer.

Patterson is a Film Major in the School of General Studies who will graduate in 2017. His script was selected by a jury including MFA Screenwriting faculty. They concluded: "While all the submissions we read were well-written and entertaining, Chris’s screenplay – the story of a contemporary New Orleans family struggling to survive -- has the most emotional depth. Chris has created a cast of memorable characters – particularly the two young brothers at the center of his story – and he places his characters in a dramatic situation where the stakes are high.” As his professor Loren-Paul Caplin said, “Chris' straightforward narrative feels authentic and true as it builds to a powerful, nearly cathartic conclusion. Perhaps most importantly, Chris’s screenplay shows a confidence with the cinematic medium.The Other Boys of Summer feels not like a stage play or a television pilot, but like a movie – and a powerful one."

Patterson will receive a cash prize of $1000. Nominations were solicited from current instructors of undergraduate screenwriting. In recommending Patterson's script, Caplin wrote, "Chris has written a nearly iconic tragedy of a contemporary inner-city New Orleans family’s struggle to get ahead.  He has ably created real characters and a real moral dilemma that is resonant with our times today.  His setting of New Orleans feels fresh with local color and language.  Most of all, The Other Boys of Summer has a true emotional center that is compelling and human.​"​
The award is presented in memory of adjunct professor Guy Gallo, who taught Screenwriting at School of the Arts for over 25 years. Until his death in January 2015, he also taught Feature Screenwriting at Barnard. Although best known for writing the screenplay of Under the Volcano -- which John Huston directed in the early 1980s -- Guy Gallo was a writer for television as well. His notable credits include Tales from the Dark Side and the film version of Huckleberry Finn that was broadcast by American Playhouse on PBS. He was also a gifted writer of plays, poems, and essays. The locale of Patterson's screenplay is particularly appropriate, as Gallo was born and raised in New Orleans.