'Directions for Directing' by Alumna Avra Sidiropoulou '00 Published by Routledge

December 4, 2018

Directions for Directing book coverDirections for Directing: Theatre and Method, written by Theatre alumna Avra Sidiropoulou ’00, was published by Routledge and released in September. The book lays out contemporary concepts of directing practice and examines specific techniques of approaching scripts, actors, and the stage. It is written for both young and experienced directors but also addresses the broader community of theatre practitioners, scholars, and dedicated theatre goers. 


The book sheds light on the director’s multiplicity of roles throughout the life of a play–from the moment of its conception to opening night. It explores the director’s processes of inspiration, interpretation, communication, and leadership. From organizing auditions and making casting choices to decoding complex dramaturgical texts and motivating actors, Directions for Directing offers practical advice and features detailed workbook sections on how to navigate such a complex discipline. A companion website explores the work of international practitioners of different backgrounds who operate within various institutions, companies, and budgets, providing readers with a wide range of perspectives and methodologies. 


Avra Sidiropoulou is an Assistant Professor at the M.A. program in Theatre Studies at the Open University of Cyprus. Her research focuses on the theory, practice, and ethics of contemporary directing. She is the Artistic Director of Athens-based Persona Theatre Company and has produced work internationally.


Copy are available for purchase at bookstores or via Routledge’s website.