Still from Five Fingers for Marseilles, produced by Yaron Schwartzman '03
Image courtesy of the New York Times

Alumnus Yaron Schwartzman '03 Wins Best Film at Africa Movie Awards

November 8, 2018

Five Fingers for Marseilles, a film produced by Yaron Schwartzman '03, won the award for Best Film at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in Nigeria. It is now available on iTunes and other VOD platforms.


Five Fingers for Marseilles, centers on the remote town of Marseilles during the apartheid era. The town’s inhabitants are the victims of brutal police oppression and only the young “Five Fingers” are willing to stand up to them. Their battle is heartfelt but innocent, until rebellious Tau kills two policemen. He runs, leaving his brothers and friends behind, but the killing starts an ongoing conflict that leaves both the town and the Five Fingers forever changed. Twenty years flash forward, Tau is released from prison and is seen as a brutal outlaw, called “The Lion of Marseilles.” But he is a different man after his time in jail. He renounces violence and returns home seeking to reconnect with his friends and family.


“In stylish and entertaining fashion, Five Fingers for Marseilles looks over the South African countryside and finds fresh vistas for the western genre,” The New York Times wrote.


Yaron Schwartzman is a partner at Game 7 Films. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Clark University and an MFA in Film from Columbia University.