Alumna Anna Rabinowitz '90 Presents Show Adapted From Poetry Collection

BY Zoe Contros Kearl, October 11, 2018

Words on the Street book coverPoetry alumna Anna Rabinowitz '90 will be presenting a hybrid music-theater event of Words on the Street, her latest book published in 2016 by Tupelo Press. Performances will take place at the Baruch Performing Arts Center from October 26 to November 4, 2018.


Words on the Street, a hybrid music-theater event that wrestles with power, complacency, and excess. Originally written by Anna Rabinowitz as a series of poems, Words on the Street has been transformed into a unique production. The narrative is a mystery and the central crime involves all humanity. An infant is abducted and the Seven Deadly Sins play out their power struggle while pandemonium reigns in a dystopian world teaming with hearsay and falsehood and plagued by threat and insecurity.


“As a poet living in a chaotic, treacherous world, I am acutely aware of my role as a citizen,” says Rabinowitz. “Language provides the most powerful manifestation of human consciousness, but, unfortunately, with some in power, words have become a weapon to obscure, indeed obliterate, our moral compass. Words on the Street is my way of combating that degradation.”


Anna Rabinowitz is a poet, librettist, and editor based in New York City. She has published widely in such journals as Atlantic Monthly, Boston Review, The Paris Review, Colorado Review, Southwest Review, Denver Quarterly, and elsewhere. A National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, she has published five volumes of poetry: Words on the Street, Present Tense, The Wanton Sublime: A Florilegium of Whethers and Wonders, Darkling: A Poem, and At the Site of Inside Out, which won the Juniper Prize.