Student Groups and Events

New Student Group Registration

The Interdisciplinary Arts Student Council (IAC) welcomes new student groups to Columbia’s School of the Arts. To help support student groups, student groups should register with the Office of Student Affairs. Registration may be done on a rolling basis and should be updated each year.

To register, please read the rules and requirements below and submit the New Student Groups Registration Form to the IAC via email at [email protected] If your application is approved, the IAC will send you an email notifying your student group of completed registration. Once your group is registered, you will be eligible to apply for funding for events.

Registration Rules and Requirements

  1. The student group must have at least 5 currently enrolled School of the Arts students as members (name and uni is required for each member).
  2. Individual members of the student group may not benefit financially as a result of the organization’s activities.
  3. No group may adopt a name that may be construed by the School of the Arts community as misleading to the nature or affiliation of the group.
  4. All student groups are expected to comply with all School of the Arts and University rules and regulations, including the use of facilities, alcohol policy, non-discrimination policy, and all financial regulations. Regulations and Policies can be found at Failure to abide by University policy may result in disciplinary action against any students involved and the student group’s School of the Arts registration may be revoked.
  5. All student groups must have at least one designated member responsible for fiscal management and one designated member who will oversee the entire administrative processes of the organization, including enforcement of University policies. Student groups and their appointments must be kept on file with the Office of Student Affairs.

IAC Student Event Funding Guidelines

Each semester, the Interdisciplinary Arts Council (IAC) reviews applications for funding for student-organized events that benefit the School of the Arts student body as a whole and that support the mission of the IAC. Our goal is to encourage and support a diverse variety of creative events aimed at bringing together the student body, across disciplines.

Check back in Fall 2021 for the student funding application. 

Fall Semester submissions September 1 until December 7

Spring Semester submissions January 15 until Sunday before spring commencement