How does Columbia differ from other film schools?

One of the things that differentiates Columbia from other top film schools is the importance placed on the "total filmmaker." All incoming students must take classes in writing, directing and producing as well as history, theory and criticism. This isn't simply because so many of our famous graduates have been writers as well as directors; we believe that the cross-pollination that occurs when students see the medium from a variety of perspectives is invaluable, eye-opening and makes for better, more sophisticated filmmakers.

The Creative Producing program is the only such program that is founded on the principle that the best producers are fully versed in directing and screenwriting.

Another way in which Columbia differs from other schools is the emphasis placed on story. In the School of the Arts Film Program, storytelling-whether in a screenplay, a director's storyboards, or a producer's log line-is seen as the basis of the entire art form.