Touch with Shelly Silver and Gayatri Spivak

In Touch, an older man returns to his childhood home in Manhattan’s Chinatown after fifty years to care for his ailing mother. The protagonist and narrator, who remains nameless, is a librarian, cataloguer and recorder, gay man, watcher and impersonator. He shares an amalgam of research, interviews, thoughts, secrets, improbabilities and free-floating desires.

A response from literary theorist and faculty memberGayatri Spivak and Q+A with director Shelly Silver(Visual Arts Chair) follow the screening.

Critical acclaim for the film:

“By staking her right to documentary material as well as fictional writing, Shelly Silver sizes up the likelihood of an imaginary point of view reaching a truth more subtle than autobiographical truth.”  – Charlotte Garson, Cinéma du Réel

“Touch is a poignant and lyrical video diary, a tapestry of vérité camerawork, stolen moments and probing observations, challenging the manner in which we engage with the communities that created us and how we embrace and chronicle images of the everyday.” - Bradford Nordeen, Outfest


Event Time & Date

Date: Past Event
Location: Dodge Hall, Lifetime Screening Room