Sound Art field trip to Anechoic Chamber at Bell Labs
(c) Joan Hacker

MFA Sound Art in the Library | Fall 2017

October 27, 2017, 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Organized by Nick Patterson and Miya Masaoka, Sound Art

Featuring: Lemon Guo, and Ethan Edwards, Kamari Carter, Joan Hacker, Zhang Mengtai, and Lee Gilboa


The Sound Art MFA Program is comprised of artists engaging in critical study of sound, and working with this medium as an integral part of their artworks. Works employ a multidisciplinary approach to sound -- including Performance, Video, Computer Programming, and Sculpture.


The Sound Art MFA Program has developed a unique partnership with Columbia University's Gabe B. Wiener Music & Arts Library to exhibit sound art through the investigation of the library's spatial possibilities and devotion to sonic histories.

Sound art poster

Event Time & Date

Date: Past Event
Location: Gabe M. Wiener Music & Arts Library
Dodge Hall
2960 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
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