Ellen Gallagher: Ssblak!Ssblak!!Ssblakallblak! Wonder#9 | Fall 2014

August 21 - 29, 2014

Ellen Gallagher: Ssblak!Ssblak!!Ssblakallblak! Wonder#9

In 2000, Ellen Gallagher created her first major portfolio of prints in collaboration with the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies. In this series, she manipulates the surfaces of the paper with embossing and chine collé, as well with the printmaking techniques of etching, drypoing, screenprint and offset lithography. Gallagher's work is animated by the trademarks of her world: popping eyes and bulging mouths, disembodied wigs and the ruled paper of elementary school. Using images that recall black minstrels and hairstyles, Gallagher employs visual fragments to address the stigmas of racial stereotypes.

Event Time & Date

Date: Past Event
Location: LeRoy Neiman Gallery
310 Dodge Hall
2960 Broadway