Create Your Own Film Noir Festival

Still from 'Double Indemnity' featured at The Inaugural Dr. Saul and Dorothy Kit Film Noir Festival in 2018. Join our festival to get updates on when the 2020 festival will be rescheduled.


2019 Kit Noir Film Festival

Into the Night: Cornell Woolrich and Film Noir

The 2019 Kit Noir Festival showcased the stories of Cornell Woolrich: prolific fiction writer and former Columbia student. The festival included 12 adaptations of his writing from directors like Alfred Hitchcock, François Truffaut, Jacques Tourneur, and others. Eleven of those adaptations are available to stream online. You can also stream lectures presented at the 2019 festival by James NaremoreFrank KrutnikPamela Wojcik, and Francis Nevins and Ann Douglas.


Deadline at Dawn (DailyMotion, free)
Nightmare (Amazon $5.99)
Black Angel (Amazon $3.99)
The Guilty (, free)
Fall Guy (Amazon $3.99)
Leopard Man (Amazon $2.99)
The Return of the Whistler (YouTube, free)
The Chase (YouTube, free)
The Window (, free)
Four O'Clock (, free)
Rear Window (Hulu with Starz add-on, Amazon $3.99)




2018 Kit Noir Film Festival

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Paris 1946 and American Film Noir


The inaugural Kit Noir Festival highlighted the American films that inspired French film critics to coin the phrase "film noir" in the 1940s. The festival included eight features, all of which you can stream online. It also included a lecture by the late Thomas Elsaesser and a Annette Insdorf in conversation with filmmaker Paul Schrader.


Double Indemnity (Hulu, with Starz add-on, Amazon $3.99)
Maltese Falcon (Amazon $2.99)
The Lodger (YouTube, free)
Laura (Amazon $3.99)
Murder, My Sweet (Amazon $2.99)
The Suspect (YouTube, free)
Phantom Lady (Amazon $3.99)
Scarlet Street (Criterion Channel, free on Tubi)




The Kit Noir Film Festival is funded by a generous gift from alumnus Gordon Kit CC ’76, in honor of his parents.