Celebrating its fifth year of connecting talented alumni with the film industry, the Columbia Blue List represents the finest unproduced screenplays and television pilots written by recent graduates of theColumbia University School of the Arts graduate Film Program.

The 2018 Blue List


We, the Robots / Jim Garvey ’14

To the Moon on the Wings of a Pig / Federica Gianni ’17

Imaginapped / Stian Hafstad ’15

Frame / Jamal Joseph, Jr. ’13

The Restoration Alonso Llosa ’16

The Community / James Repici ’17

Sweetland / Alice Shindelar ’16


The 2018 Industry Panel


Michelle Ashford / Writer and Showrunner (Masters of Sex
Jonathan Tropper / Writer and Showrunner (Banshee)
Jim Hart / Screenwriter (Hook
Chris McCoy / Writer/director 
Jenette Kahn / Producer (Gran Torino)
Jonathan Sanger / Producer (Marshall)
Anne Carey / Producer (The Strange Ones)
Veronica Nickel / Producer (Moonlight)
Jessica Caldwell / Producer (AWOL)
Geoff Quan / Producer (Barry)
Darin Friedman / Manager 
Harry Lengsfield / Manager
Peter Benedek / Agent 
Brad Petrigala / Agent 
Kelly Edwards / VP Talent Development (HBO)
Marina Dompke / Development Manager (Valhalla Entertainment)
Daniel Angeles / Creative Executive (Fair Harbor Productions)

Headshot of Jim Garvey

  We, the Robots (Teleplay)

  by Jim Garvey ’14



When a tech conglomerate introduces a new product that will merge humans and technology, a small group, the human resistance, fights to stop them and protect the human race.


Headshot of Federica Gianni

  To the Moon on the Wings of a Pig


  by Federica Gianni ’17



Billi, a zippy 17-year-old living in an impoverished beach town near Rome, secretly reconnects with her estranged father, a low-life gambler who helps her navigate her first homosexual relationship but ends up endangering her life and unleashing Billi’s own addictive personality.


Headshot of Stian Hafstad

  Imaginapped (Screenplay)

  by Stian Hafstad ’15



When a group of imaginary friends are kidnapped by a mysterious dark figure, school newcomer Olivia (10) sees an opportunity to finally become popular by solving the mystery and saving the day.


Headshot of Jamal Joseph Jr.

  Frame (Screenplay)

  by Jamal Joseph, Jr. ’13



Set in a retro-future where a deteriorating environment has driven some American cities underground, and warfare is conducted with mecha suits and androids. Black Veteran and Marine Corps legend Cline Eldridge returns home to find his streets torn apart by gangs, corrupt police and radicals. Cline's compelled to go undercover to fight in a war for the very soul of his city. 


Headshot of Alonso Llosa

  The Restoration (Screenplay)

  by Alonso Llosa ’16



When brokenhearted and penniless Tato Basile (50) sells his family's historic home without the consent of his bedridden mother he must create ways to convince her that she is still living in her old home. All for the sake of the ultimate goal: bring the party back.


Headshot of James Repici

  The Community (Teleplay)

  by James Repici ’17



In 1984, from the basement of a row-home in a Pittsburgh ghetto, Bobby Regan, a mill worker, and his ruthlessly protective mother, Dolly, build their prayer group into the most lucrative Christian cult in America.


Headshot of Alice Shindelar

  Sweetland (Teleplay)

  by Alice Shindelar ’16



In a rapidly expanding small town reveling in the riches of an oil boom, an alcoholic OB-GYN resolves to make her own fortune by bringing much needed health care to a disenfranchised population of sex-workers and transient men.


"The Blue List completely changed my career trajectory. As a result of being named to the Blue List, I got a manager and sold my feature script. I currently have three feature scripts in development and hope to make another sale in the near future."

Casey Schroen '12, Screenwriter and Blue List 2014 winner