Our Word: A student group devoted to diversity in Writing

Who We Are
Our Word is a student organization whose mission is to enrich the Columbia University School of the Arts Writing Program and the literary community through outreach, advocacy and inclusion of new and old literary voices. Membership is open to any student -- current or alumni -- of the Writing Program.

Our Word supports writing students in their artistic development through various events and projects, such as student readings, talks with agents and editors, food and art events, and a Writer-in-Residence series which brings in published authors once per semester to work one-on-one with Our Word members' writing. We also work with Writing Program faculty to sustain an ongoing dialogue in support of diversity within the Program.

For information on our events and meetings, please email columbia.ourword@gmail.com to be added to the mailing list. You can also join us on Facebook.
Our History
Our Word’s history is based on activism. It was established in 2000, as the direct result of the protest artist Victor Cervantes. He locked himself in a mock jail cell and fasted for five days to demonstrate against the lack of attention for artists of color on campus. Since that time, Our Word has grown into a leading voice in the advancement of cultural diversity. Our Word continues to support diverse writers whose identities are non-normative, including, but not limited to, persons of color, international students, LGBTQIA, and women.
Our Mission
Our Word’s main goal is to nurture a community of writers and artists committed to championing diversity in literature. Our Word is a place to enrich one’s education within the School of the Arts and a place of supportive artistic development. Our continuing relationships with past members and presidents ensure that our community persists past graduation and beyond.

Some of Our Goals

Foster an inclusive and all-encompassing space for open dialogue within in the MFA Program
Connect students and faculty in a discursive setting, in the interest of promoting growth and engagement
Increase the number and range of diverse permanent and adjunct faculty
Develop curricula that explore the diverse artwork of writers outside the canon
Expose students to a wide range of multicultural writers by providing reading material and resources
Expand Our Word’s events to include art, food, and politics in creative and interactive settings
Our Word
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Current Presidents
Jane Marchant
Jarret Leong
Current Projects

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