Writing and Producing for the Web

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FILM 4033Q
3 Points
Session II: July 7 - August 15
M, W 6 - 10 PM
Instructor: Graham Mason

Websites like Youtube and Vimeo have created new auteurs, studios, and storytelling languages. A new media marketplace has emerged that is both free to enter and refreshingly democratic—a space where creativity, innovation, and talent always beat big budgets.

In this class, students will take an in-depth look at the current state of web videos and develop a nuanced understanding of where the format can go in the future. Examples of past short films, movies, and TV shows will also be used to illustrate creative possibilities within the medium.

In addition to screenings and discussions, students will participate in an intense weekly workshop in which they write, revise, and pre-produce an original web video project. Students with the resources to shoot and edit their project within the timeframe of the class are more than welcome to do so. Out-of-the-box ideas and stories in all genres are welcome.

There are no formal prerequisites to the course, however students should bring a basic interest in and some familiarity with scriptwriting and video production. Class participation and collaboration is an absolute must.

Tuition & Fees
Most summer courses are offered at the standard Continuing Education tuition rate of $1,512 per point ($4,536 for a 3-point course). For more detailed information, please see "tuition and fees": http://arts.columbia.edu/summer/tuition-fees

Materials Fee: $30

About the Instructor

Graham Mason

Graham Mason is a screenwriter and producer for Sunset Television, a comedy group that has released dozens of videos over the past five years, was profiled in The New York Times, received millions of hits online, and has been featured in Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Pitchfork, The Huffington Post and many more culture sites. more→
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