Alumni Spotlight | Charles Yeske (Writing ‘71)

Was there a specific faculty member or peer who especially inspired you while at the School of the Arts? If so, who and how?

In 1969-1971, James Tate was not only twice my poet "instructor," for lack of a better title, but more importantly a mentor and friend.  He was only a year older, but so much more "versed" than I at that age. I recall when some years later he was reading at a community college, spied me in the audience, broke his reading with a smile and wave, and then reminisced with me for hours afterwards about our shared enjoyment at CU in camaraderie.  I am so saddened by his death, just as I was a few months ago when Mark Strand, another of my instructors, also passed.  My experiences during those two years were amazing, and so relevant to where I was living - my neighborhood hosted Josephine Herbst, George Herman, William Carlos Williams, Dos Pasos, Nathaniel West, SJ Perelman, James Agee, James Michener, John Wexley, Joseph Schrank, George Kaufman, and Stanley Kunitz.  I guess by osmosis I was to become a writer, but fate intervened.

About Charles Yeske 
Adjunct Professor of English at Bucks County Community College, PA. Manager of Historic Properties - Bucks County, PA, Parks & Recreation. Residence - Doylestown, PA.
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