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  • The Fun Parts
The Fun Parts
Sam Lipsyte
Chair, Associate Professor
The New York Times calls Sam Lipsyte's new collection, The Fun Parts, "sublime mayhem."
"Though if these are 'the fun parts,'" Ben Fountain asks, "who needs the angsts and wastes of Russian literature? Plenty of angst and waste right here in...the Manhattan and North Jersey of Lipsyteland, which is cracked in all three senses of funny, damaged and deranged."
Boris Kachka published an interview with Lipsyte for Vulture on March 3. As they perused Rite-Aid for Valentine's Day cards, they discussed Houellbec, Barthelme, Louis CK, and the "fleeting sensation" of being a New York Times  bestselling author. "The Fun Parts," Kachka concludes, "looks past Lipsyte’s downbeat youth and the quasi-confessional humor that’s made him so appealing..." He goes on to explain that this collection explores a wide array of perspectives, including stories told from third person, from womens' points of view, and even from the voices of writers.
"These losers," TIME points out, "are Lipsyte's people."
Esquire asked Lipsyte in a recent interview: If The Fun Parts were distilled into a self-help book, what would be the takeaway? What insights will we gain, as men, as people? And how would we put them to use, for good or ill?
"Fake it until you break it," Lipsyte responded, "at which point you own it. That’s the take-out, as we say in America."

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