Mellon Visiting Artists & Thinkers Program

Mellon Visiting Artists & Thinkers Program
The Mellon Visiting Artists & Thinkers Program brings leading creative practitioners and theorists to the School of the Arts to engage with students, the Columbia University community, and the public. With the generous support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this program creates opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work with world-class artists and thinkers, while stimulating dialogue about the contribution of the arts to intellectual life and society at large.

Under the leadership of Dean Carol Becker, Columbia University School of the Arts recognizes that the art world is in the vanguard of cross-disciplinary work. While the value of field-specific knowledge and mastery cannot be denied, practitioners in the arts increasingly require the skills and the space to collaborate, improvise, and experiment across disciplines. Creating space for a deeper engagement among art practitioners and theorists located at the School of the Arts will not only directly connect a new generation of artists to ideas useful to them in their practice, it will also provide students and scholars across the university with access to new modes of understanding generated by artists. At the same time, this project will illuminate the increasingly significant points of intersection between all disciplines that now mark the uniqueness of 21st century thought.

Mellon Visiting Artists & Thinkers
Isaac Julien (Fall 2011–Spring 2012)
Martha Clarke (Fall 2012)
Matthew Ritchie (Fall 2013–Spring 2014)
Matteo Pericoli (Spring 2013)
Paul Muldoon (Spring 2013)
B. Ruby Rich (Fall 2013)
Richard Rodriguez (Fall 2013)
Elia Suleiman (Spring 2014)
Adrian Noble (Fall 2014)
Hilton Als (Spring 2015–Fall 2015)
Ralph Lemon (Spring 2015)
Joan Jonas (Fall 2015–Spring 2016)
Young Jean Lee (Spring 2016)
Rebecca Solnit (Fall 2016)
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