The Columbia Blue List | 2017

The 2017 Blue List
Materials and Labor / Wayne Brusseau '15
The Life and Death of Espiritu Perdomo / Mauricio Leiva Cock '13
An Invitation to an Evening of Wonder/ Avram Dodson '15
Trying / Hannah Sanderson Buchner '13
Special Adviser / Andrew Duncan Visser '15
28 Days in the Desert / Brandon Zuck '14

The 2017 Industry Panel

Common / Actor/Producer (Selma, John Wick: Chapter 2)    
Michelle Ashford / Screenwriter (Masters of Sex, The Pacific)
Jonathan Tropper / Screenwriter/Producer (This is Where I Leave You, Banshee)    
Jonathan Sanger / Producer (Chapter & Verse, Vanilla Sky)
Jessica Caldwell / Producer (Electrick Children, AWOL)
Geoff Quan / Producer (Barry, Obvious Child)
John Coles / Director/Producer (House of Cards, Elementary)
Chris McCoy / Director/Screenwriter (Good Kids)
Jenette Kahn / Partner (Double Nickel Entertainment)
Brad Petrigala / Agent (Brillstein Entertainment Partners)
Peter Benedek / Agent (United Talent Agency)
Harry Lengsfield / Manager (LBI Entertainment)
Amotz Zakai / Manager (Echo Lake Entertainment)
James Engle / Manager (Echo Lake Entertainment)
Darin Friedman / Manager (Management 360)
Marina Dompke / Manager of Development (Valhalla Entertainment)
Shelby Stone / President of Production (Freedom Road Productions)    
Anne Carey / President of Production (Archer Gray)
Daniel Angeles / Creative Executive (Fair Harbor Productions)
Kelly Edwards / Vice President of Talent Development (HBO)
Adam Dunlap / Manager of Scripted Programming (Full Screen Entertainment)

Wayne Brusseau
Materials and Labor
By Wayne Brusseau

Ruth McCants, 66, is a successful doctor and recent widow. When the pipes burst in her home, threatening a memorial party for her late husband, Ruth turns to Richard 'Hornet' Catchings, 67, a biker and sometimes sober carpenter, to help her restore the home. These two opposites find an unlikely connection in the shared bond of grief.
Leiva Cock
The Life and Death of Espiritu Perdomo
By Mauricio Leiva Cock

To escape the war-ravaged world of the living, Espi­ritu Perdomo—homeless gravedigger—creates a joyous society of the dead within cemetery walls.
Avram Dodson
An Invitation to an Evening of Wonder
By Avram Dodson

A willful heiress partners with an impoverished paleontologist to locate an important fossil find in the Old West, but her dreams of scientific glory are jeopardized when a would-be suitor frames it as a kidnapping.
Hannah Sanderson Buchner
By Hannah Sanderson Buchner

Three 30-something women, pregnant at the exact same time but on drastically different paths through the murky landscape of motherhood, learn the hard way that "having it all" is utter BS and never going to happen—but having one another might be just as good, or even better.
Andrew Duncan Visser
Special Adviser
By Andrew Duncan Visser

Brenda Martin is the Machiavellian puppeteer behind her sister Harrietta’s increasingly successful political career. But when Brenda is surprisingly promoted from underneath Harriett, it threatens to rupture their hard fought personal and political relationship.
Brandon Zuck
28 Days in the Desert
By Brandon Zuck

A wise-cracking narcissist checks into rehab thinking it will be a nice vacation from his rapidly crumbling life, but it turns out that this summer camp for damaged adults is just the opposite.
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