Digital Storytelling Lab Announces Expanded Seminar in Strategic Storytelling

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This October, Columbia University School of the Arts presents an expanded, two-day version of its successful seminar in Digital Storytelling Strategy. Led by Frank Rose, best-selling author of The Art of Immersion, and offered in partnership with Columbia Business School Executive Education, Strategic Storytelling focuses on the essential elements of story and shows how to assemble these elements for maximum impact in a digital world. It is intended for executives and professionals in every field, from media and entertainment to brand marketing to business-to-business, who want to understand the power of immersive storytelling and learn how to leverage the unique opportunities for engagement it has to offer.

As a member of Columbia’s Digital Storytelling Lab, Rose is helping to pioneer a new understanding of narrative and its role in the digital age. “Storytelling has always been central to human experience – it's how we explain and make sense of the world,” he notes. “But with every new communications technology, the way we tell stories has changed. Storytelling today is adapting to new forms that are profoundly different from the one-to-many broadcast model of 20th-century mass media. Digital technology is blurring distinctions between content and advertising, author and audience, fiction and reality. At the same time, media-savvy audiences are tuning out advertising messages while searching for ever-more-immersive entertainment experiences. As a result, the way businesses and professionals need to communicate is changing.”

Strategic Storytelling is designed to supply the understanding and context needed to navigate this new world. Through a series of lessons, case studies, and highly participatory workshops, Rose will show how story is being used by entertainment industry professionals, by leading brands, by business-to-business providers, and by non-profits—and what each of these can learn from the other. He will be joined by such guest speakers as Peter Koechley, co-founder of the social news site Upworthy; Miklos Sarvary, Faculty Director of the Media Program at Columbia Business School; and Afdhel Aziz, brand director for Absolut Labs and co-author of the forthcoming book Good Is the New Cool. Participants will leave with a thorough understanding of the digital media ecosystem as well as the expertise that’s needed to communicate within it.

This two-day intensive will be presented at the Norwood Club in lower Manhattan, on Thursday and Friday, October 20 and 21. To get more information, including Rose’s strategy+business article “The Power of Immersive Media,” and to register for the seminar, please visit the Strategic Storytelling website.
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To view Rose's recent webinar, Learning from Hollywood: How Digital Marketing Can Pull You into the Story, click here.

A multidisciplinary project spearheaded by Columbia University School of the Arts Film Program, the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab was set up to design stories for the 21st century. Headed by co-founder Lance Weiler, Columbia’s Director of Experiential Learning and Applied Creativity, the lab builds on practices originating in the arts, humanities, and technology. Its leading contribution to date is “Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things,” a global storytelling experiment led by Weiler and award-winning game designer and lab associate Nick Fortugno that uses an ever-evolving detective narrative to examine the policy and ethical issues surrounding the Internet of Things.

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