New Seminar in Digital Storytelling Strategy to Be Presented by Digital Storytelling Lab @ Columbia October 21, 2014

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  • Frank Rose
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Frank Rose
Innovative Collaboration Between
Columbia University School of the Arts
and Columbia Business School
Executive Education Targets Marketing,
Strategy and Media/Entertainment Executives

Columbia University School of the Arts, in partnership with Columbia Business School Executive Education, will offer an innovative, high-level, day-long seminar on October 21, 2014: Digital Storytelling Strategy. Led by best-selling author Frank Rose and marketing and communications expert Paul Woolmington, the program is designed for executives of all levels in brand marketing, corporate strategy or media and entertainment who want to understand the immersive potential of digital storytelling.

“As media-savvy audiences begin to tune out advertising messages but look for immersive entertainment experiences, the way businesses need to tell stories is changing,” observes Rose, who addresses these issues in his book The Art of Immersion. “Digital transformation is blurring distinctions between content and advertising, author and audience, fiction and reality – while at the same time provoking new and challenging expectations among audiences and consumers. This hands-on intensive seminar is designed to supply the understanding and context you need to navigate this new world.”
Enrollment will be limited in order to make sure participants can maximize their understanding of the digital media ecosystem and gain the expertise they need to use it effectively. "We've designed this day to balance perspiration with inspiration," explains Woolmington. "We'll be combining theory and practice to impart a practical, on-the-ground understanding of the issues at hand."

The seminar is presented by the Digital Storytelling Lab @ Columbia, an interdisciplinary program developed by Columbia University School of the Arts that leverages a diverse range of creative and research practices originating in the arts, humanities and technology to build powerful stories. “Storytelling is central to our identity as a film school,” noted Ira Deutchman, Chair of the Film Program at Columbia and co-founder of the Digital Storytelling Lab. “We’ve always been known as the ‘storytelling school,’ so this enterprise was a natural fit for the School of the Arts.”

Digital Storytelling Strategy incorporates a mix of spirited talks, lively discussions, and highly participatory workshops. The session will focus first on strategic concepts and then move on to case studies involving immersive storytelling in a business context. Throughout the day, executives will periodically form small groups to address specific, real-world challenges that require innovative thinking as well as an understanding of narrative issues and techniques. Participants will leave with an essential grounding in immersive storytelling strategy as well as a conceptual framework and a set of tools they can put to use at once.

Faculty members include Rose and Woolmington; Columbia University School of the Arts Film Program faculty member Lance Weiler, a co-founder of the Digital Storytelling Lab; and guest speaker Jeff Raider, co-founder of Warby Parker and co-founder/co-CEO of Harry’s. For details on the faculty, click here.

Topics include:

Why stories, and why now?
Understanding communications platforms
Building Story Worlds

Click here for details on the curriculum.
For complete information, or to register to attend, click here.

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