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With every new communications technology, the way we tell stories has changed. Now it is changing again, to a new form that is profoundly different from the one-to-many broadcast model of 20th-century mass media. Digital technology is blurring distinctions between content and advertising, author and audience, fiction and reality, while at the same time provoking new and challenging expectations among audiences and consumers alike. Columbia’s two-day intensive will supply the understanding and context you need to navigate this new world as well as the skills you’ll require to turn these developments to your advantage.

Through a series of lessons, case studies, and highly participatory workshops, this program will explain:
  • The central role of stories in human experience.
  • How storytelling is changing in response to transformative technologies and why these technologies are having the effects they do.
  • The role of social media in storytelling strategy.
  • The need for authenticity and the appeal of user participation.
  • The allure, and the limitations, of virtual reality and other cutting-edge techniques.
By the end of the program, you will be equipped to:
  • Express your brand’s or organization’s appeal in narrative form.
  • Leverage universal storytelling techniques while embracing new rules and strategies for the digital age.
  • Satisfy the desire—particularly strong among Millennials—for immersive experiences and participatory engagement.
  • Make the transition from simply telling stories to creating rich and immersive environments that people can enter and make their own.
Upon completion, you will earn two days towards a Columbia Business School Certificate with select alumni and tuition benefits. Learn more→
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May 11–12, 2017   $3,750
Nov 9–10, 2017     $3,750
Preferred pricing is available to those who also enroll in Executive Education's "Brand Leadership" seminar. Contact for details.
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Sarah Oh
Project Manager, Strategic Storytelling Seminar
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